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 Dunbar & Dunbar Practice Areas

  Dunbar & Dunbar Professional Law Corporation, is a real estate, business, family law, and civil litigation law
  firm with offices in Orange and San Diego Counties. Because our clients are located throughout California,
  our office locations allow us to serve our clients conveniently and efficiently. Our practice consists of several
  principal areas of representation detailed through the links on the left.

  In all of our non-litigation areas of practice, our professional philosophy of anticipating potential problems and
  disputes before they reach a crisis stage through "preventive practice" is an important part of our
  representation. We believe that carefully planning transactions and properly drafting legal documents helps
  to avoid problems, rather than reacting to them at a later date. To accomplish this we consider more than
  just the technical legal requirements for a project and assist our clients to find creative solutions to their
  practical problems. We are sensitive to concerns about the high cost of legal services and know that we
  need to be available whenever our clients need us. Our firm's services are budgeted so that our clients may
  make good business decisions.

  FEES: The majority of our services, including alternative dispute resolution, are billed on an hourly basis.
  Our current rates are $250 to $325 per hour, and travel time is normally billed at one-half that rate along with
  any actual costs incurred. For more detailed information regarding our charges please contact us.